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  • Introduction

    ZydeCajun.Info is a website dedicated to all Cajun and Zydeco enthusiasts. Its origin is the old CajunUK website. It is a 'Social Networking' site that allows users to upload their gigs, events, dances etc. as well as images, videos and more. It also supports all expected social network features such as timelines, friending, following, sharing, trending, liking, messaging, groups and chat.
  • The Homepage

    The Homepage
    If you are just wanting to see uploaded events, scroll down where they are listed. Otherwise, log into to the site from here. If you are new to the site, use the 'Sign Up' button top right.
  • Your Profile Page

    Your Profile Page
    After logging in you'll be taken to your profile page. From here you can upload events, images and videos, view all events, and see what others have been doing on the site.

    The left hand column shows all events, the right hand column shows your details, stats, what is trending and suggestions of who to follow. The centre column is the all important Timeline.
  • Status Update

    Status Update
    Just type into the box. When done, hit the Save Update button. When done, your status will show at the top of your timeline, as well as in your followers' timelines.
  • Upload Gallery Images

    Upload Gallery Images
    Click on the Camera icon and see the image upload form. Enter the gallery title and click on the Select Images To Upload button to select all the images in this gallery (multiple images can be uploaded in one go). When done, click on the Save Update button. The new gallery will then show in your timeline.
  • Upload an Event

    Upload an Event
    Click on the Microphone icon and see the event upload form. Select the event type, enter its location, date, time and a description. When done, click on the Save Update button. The event will show in your timeline as well as in the event lists on all the profile pages and on the homepage.
  • Upload a YouTube Video

    Upload a YouTube Video
    This is actually done via Status Update form. Just include the YouTube URL as part of your post, then upon clicking the Save Update button, the URL will be rendered and the video player will show, along with your mesage, in your timeline.
  • Searching the Site

    Searching the Site
    Click on the Magnifying Glass icon in the top right of the page and see the search form. Enter your search words and anything matching on the site will be returned, be it other member names, events, galleries etc.
  • Follow

    Scroll down your profile page and on the right see recommendations of who to follow. Click on the button next to their image and you'll then be 'following' them. This means that as well as all your activities on your timeline, you will also see all their activities.
    Alternatively, do a search for the user you want to follow and when found, you'll be able to follow them from their profile page.
    Note that by default, you will automatically follow any clicked profiles. However, they (and you) have the option to approve or reject any potential followers. This is configured as part of your profile/account privacy settings (see below).
  • Trending

    Any word preceded with a hashtag in a status update will be logged as 'trending' and will show to all users in this box.
  • Updating your Profile and User Account

    Updating your Profile and User Account
    When on your profile page, click on the Update icon to the right on the profile menu bar (the gear wheel icon). You'll be taken to a page where you can update your profile and user details, reset password, upload profile and user images and control your privacy settings.
  • Under the Profile tab you can upload the profile and cover images that show at the top of your profile page, change your profile name, add a bio, your location and website, select your site privacy and approve followers, should you wish.
  • Under the Account tab you can update your user name, email and password, and optionally enter your real name and birthdate.
  • You are notified upon various site activities by other users. Under the Notifications tab you can control what notifications you want to receive, and how you want to receive them.
  • Contacting Us

    Contacting Us
    Scroll to the bottom of any page and you'll see some links for 'Support Tickets' and 'Contact Us'. Support tickets allows you to create a ticket with any questions or issues you have with using this site. This is the prefered way of contacting us as it opens up a dialogue in which we can hopefully resolve your issue.
    Alternatively, the Contact Form will just send us an email with your comment.
  • In Conclusion

    Hopefully the above documentation will get you started using ZydeCajun.Info. Not everything on the site is covered as yet, but those of you who use other social networking sites will be familiar with all the concepts here and be able to use them to great effect. Please contact us if you feel specific areas are missing from this document and we'll get it added in.