Cajun Dave
Cajun Dave
  Joined November 20, 2016

Cajun Dave is a member of the Greater Manchester band the Cajun Specials who have been part of the Cajun scene in the UK since 1993. The band has continually aimed to provide authentic Cajun music to a wide range of audiences, playing waltzes and two-steps, with searing vocals in French that define the Cajun sound. They have produced 3 cd’s, Bayou Blues in 2000, Mardi Gras in 2006 and Shameless Cajuns in 2013.

Activity Stream

Baton Rouge one row accordion in the key of D, purchased from Hobgoblin in August 2017 and getting very little use these days as I have switched over to a piano accordion. Priced to sell at £495.

The Baton Rouge was made in Italy by Pigini accordions. They are sometimes badged as Excelsior but it's the same factory. Sadly, they have stopped making diatonic boxes these days. Hobgoblin were the UK importer for Excelsior and that is where the Baton Rouge instruments came from.

They have Antonelli Reeds in them (the same as Castagnari) and have a great reputation. Dave 07951312914